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I'm Jeremy Chandler,  a Certified Multimedia Designer with a wealth of experience in small business marketing and corporate marketing design. I'm currently employed as the Sr. Graphic Designer with Brand and Advertising at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. Orlando.

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, I now call Orlando, Florida my home with my wife, 5 year old son and 1 year old daughter. 


My interests include computers, technology, golf, sun, beach, palm trees, nature, hiking, traveling, camping, photos, videos & music.


​Please browse this website and get to know my work a little.  Send me an email and let me know what you think.  If your interested in my work and would like to talk with me about a project, please write me:


If you have an interest in seeing the password protected sections of my portfolio please write me by visiting the "CONTACT" section of my site.  Be sure to let me know who you are and your purpose for viewing my work examples (possible future employer etc.)  I can then grant you a temporary password to view my full online portfolio.

These sections have been locked down to avoid any legal complications with showing work I have created for companies without the written permission to publicly display them on the web.  It's an ongoing challenge as a designer to protect the clients and employers rights as well as my right to show what I can do.


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