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I am by no means a videographer, Editor, Professional Musician, Audio Engineer, Etc.  I choose to post this page to show my desire to be creative. Here are some video clips I put together using Final Cut Pro for personal and educational purposes.

Quick "Office" Promo

A challenge given to me back in collage to create a quick promo using the "priceless" theme to promote The Office on thursday nights.

DigiDepth Promo

I put this together as a project/promo for my freelance business at the time "DigiDepth Studios"

The audio tracks below were put together years ago using Protools on my MacPro connected to an MBox.  I used an Oxygen8 Midi controller, a cheap microphone, an acoustic guitar, some hand drums, and several plug-ins, sound effects and loops.  This was all for learning experience and fun. I would never consider these to be great recordings.  My intentions of posting these were to once again show my desire to just be creative.  Enjoy!..... or not.

Jamsession #2.314 repeated.mp3

personality disfunkShin (funkadelicstorm).mp3

Spanish Cow Pie.mp3

Mr. Fizzle Fuzzy Your Funny Free.mp3

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